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Wow!! So gorgeous!! Your photos are so amazing. Looks like an incredible time!!


What an incredible place! I'd love to visit Maldives if I have the chance!

I can see your beautiful tan!!


Seriously amazing vacation!! Those pics are just gorgeous -- looks like you were in paradise. Oh, I'd so love a week away on the beach, in the sun, NOT getting tan because I only burn.

Taylor B.

Wow! Really! I could live there 24/7.


Congrats on such an amazing vacation! We are planning our Honey Moon and this looks amazing. My husband to be loves to dive. Can you get certified there? I have promised to try (even if it scares me).


this place is fabulous! new reader, i'm in love.


Oh wow, amazing photos and what a beautiful resort you stayed in!! Wishing I was there now!


What a beautiful resort!

annika stendahl

You really take wounderful pictures,i would like to go to all your destinations and live in all the same places


Wow - your vacation photos are amazing. What a beautiful spot - and the resort is eco-friendly, too? How do you top that?

Thanks for sharing those photos - Today I spent a few delightful moments traveling to the Maldives....

by JOS

Christa - Congrats! :) They have a great diving center. You would be in great hands and diving in the most amazing wanter.

by JOS

Brandi - Jesper burns as well! Had to watch him carefully. I am lucky I dont burn but I do slather on lots of sunscreen.

Elie's Papel

So jealous of your trip to that amazing paradise and jealous of that caramel colored tan!


Ok... can we switch lives, may be just for a week or two!


Thank you so much for sharing this post! I feel like I am defrosting just looking at the images! I will have to link to this!

by JOS

teaworthy - I can only agree with you. It has been so cold in stockholm this winter and i feel cold all the time. just putting the post together made me feel a little warmer. cannot wait for the spring!


OHG! Amazing! Do they have a spa and how about a fitness center and yoga classes?

by JOS

laura - the spa is amazing! super yoga classes! i took the sunset classes out on the jetty. you can take both privet and group classes (lots to choose). they have a great little fitness center as well.

Mitzi Curi

Next time you go to the Maldives, please don't forget to get an extra ticket for me.....

vacation ownership

The place is amazing. I hope Maldives is just a walk from us. I love the beach and the hotel's architectural forms, it's fabulous.



Found you via Google. Now it is final! We are planing our honeymoon and it has been a tossup between Hadahaa and an other resort. We will now be heading off to the maldives and staying at Hadahaa. Thank you for this post! Love your blog.

by JOS

sarah - wonderful! happy I could be of help. i promise you will have an amazing honeymoon.

Ingeira S.

SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL! Perhaps the ultimate in long haul luxury, the Maldives is currently enjoying incredible growth. I would go in a heart beat.


AMAZING!!!!!!!! I really need to go!

Caitlin at Backlink Builder

What an awesome place! I wouldn't want to go home if I get there.

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