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Splendid Willow

Wihhhhhhooooo!!!!! Looking fabulous! Lovely and chic - just like you my friend!!!!

Rue did a great job!

I am linking too!


ox, Mon


wow your home is amazing. I love that elephant, where is it from? and your bed looks toooo comfortable. and love the kitchen table.

Chantal {luxxury livving}

Congrats!!!! And thanks for stopping by my blog too :) I luv the large photo above your couch, what is it of? I'd luv to see it up close and where you purchased it, from what I can tell it looks amazing!

emily @ the daily smudge

Awww. such a beautiful home joanna. I LOVE the mural on the nursery wall. gorgeous!


oh such a nice flat!

Congratulations!! I love Rue Magazine, and your home looks great! Can't wait to see the rest!


i just had a chance yesterday to flip through rue and was so EXCITED to see your home joanna!! it's actually my fave home featured in this issue - absolutely stunning! all the white & wood - can i move in? :)


So incredible!! Congratulations!! I have yet to get to the new issue but now I really can't wait to see your house tour! :) So light and bright with fun textures and colors, can I move in? :P

Punctuation Mark

congrats!!! you totally deserve anything good that comes your way!!!

Jane Flanagan

Congrats! Your home was the highlight of the issue!


Your home is beautiful! I love your son's room!!! Awesome.
Hope you are well Joanna, thanks for visiting me today!


Hej hello and congratulations on this fabulous feature!

I saw your gorgeous home featured in Rue and was delighted when my close friend Monika mentioned she knew you. How fun!

x Charlotta
Space for Inspiration


A huge congrats on your feature! Loved your home - it's beautiful.

Brandi {not your average ordinary}

Joanna, congrats! Your home is absolutely stunning and I'm so excited that you're getting the recognition you deserve in Rue!

by JOS

Splendid Willow, M, Chantal, Emily, Irene, Doyoufancythis, Piper, Ranu, Punctuation Mark, Jane, Leslie, Charlotta, Caitlin and Brandi...... Thank you so much for all the lovely feedback! It really, really warms my heart. Your comments are always loved.

As for some of the questions (some via email) such as on the elephant, wallpaper and on the photo above the couch... my plan is to put together a post answering all of the questions in the near future.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!
xx - Joanna

Chuzai Living

Your apartment is gorgeous and does not look tiny as you mentioned. It's absolutely adorable. It is very inspiring to know that the fellow BYW alumni is doing so well. I love the splash of colors you put in the clean white interior. I love the bookshelves you use in your bedroom. I love the modern clean look you employ in your home. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on being featured on Rue!!


Your home looks amazing, it looks so spacious and light!!

I really love that you have the barbapapa dolls, I watched that cartoon when I was little but you never see them around here anymore. :)


You have a lovely home!!! I can see why they did a feature with you. The baby room is gorgeous! Axel must be so happy there :)

Rui de Castro

RUI :)


wow!!! you have a lovely home. LOVE your art sign. super cool! congrats on the feature.

Sarah Klassen

Congratulations on the feature—wow—so exciting! You have a lovely home, indeed, and I really enjoy your "a-r-t" signs as well as your bed and closet. Great touches throughout!

xx, Sarah

Denise Laborde

Gorgeous home!

Christian Traughber

That your apartment? Its gorgeous! I have never seen anything like it. It looks so clean because of the white paint and the minimalist style. You have officially inspired me to renovate my own crib, hehe.

by JOS

Christian - Thanks! Happy to inspire!

April Loves Flooring

wowww!!! CONGRATS!!! thats amazing! i can't believe this is YOUR place! i actually saw a few of these pictures on ANOTHER blog and commented on there that i love the little elephant and the "ART" sign and the blue sofa and the beautiful
flooring and love the white theme with pops of color here and there. its so beautiful congrats and thanks for sharing with us!!!! :)

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